How Good Corporate Food Can Lead To A Healthier Workforce

Have you ever heard of the saying, “You are what you eat”? Well, this statement rings a lot of truth. If you eat healthily and the food is delicious, there is a good chance that you will be happier and feel better. So, how does this apply in the workplace? Well, here’s how getting some good Corporate catering DC can change and improve your workforce.

The Order of Food

Lots of big companies have noticed that the order of food that is served can greatly impact their workforce’s health. You can always have corporate catering DC set up the food in a certain way. By placing the food in a certain order, it encourages people to choose healthier options. For instance, if the first foods that a person would get are vegetables and lean meats, there is a higher chance they’ll get more of those than the deserts at the end. Something as small as keeping the sweets further away from the coffee station can improve your workforce’s food choices.

Overall Efficiency

Many people are aware that if they eat tons of fried foods and sweets, they definitely won’t feel great. Those foods make people feel lethargic and sluggish, which means their work could be sloppy as well. Good and healthy food makes people feel better, lighter, and more energetic which will translate into more work that is more efficient. Compare the work ethic of someone who is healthy and exercises regularly to a person who is categorized as obese and you will see a great difference.

Keep Your Fridge Stocked Properly

We aren’t just talking about keeping your fridge fully stocked and full of food. We are talking about the way that you place the food in your corporate fridges. For instance, you would be better off placing the fruits and easy to eat vegetables at eye level in the fridge instead of them being tucked away in the bottom drawer. This is because people are more likely to grab the first food that they see that’s easily accessible. So be sure to stock the healthier food in easy to reach and see places so it’ll be eaten first.

Give Variety

A study was shown that if there were tons of varieties of cookies, people are more likely to eat more cookies because they want to try them all. In addition to that, they will never get bored of eating cookies because they can try a different kind. Keep that idea in mind by implanting that in something like a salad bar or a fruit station. Instead of having a boring, small selection, make sure you offer tons of different varieties for people to choose and get creative with their selections. If you offer more sauces, different kinds of salad toppings, lettuces, fruit selections, and such your salad bar line will be longer.

Keeping a healthy staff will ensure that they are working much better because they feel better. Additionally, they will require less sick days because their overall health has improved! Start implying good corporate catering DC services and methods into your workplace today.

Corporate catering DC has proven benefits for businesses. Whether you’re hosting a party for a potential client or looking for daily, healthy meals for your staff, Saint Germain Catering has got you covered.

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